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If you have an interest in the biological, ecological, environmental, cultural, social, political and economic aspects of Marine Conservation, and aim to make your career in the field of marine conservation science then this class is for you! Explore this website to learn more about isMCS, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate contact us us for more information!

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Humans relied upon them for eons to provide food, transportation and numerous ecosystem services that sustain our life on Earth. Modern industrialization and a growing human population has created a changing environment, with subsequent losses of biological diversity and ecosystem resources 1. Dispersed and distributed impact sources, lack of strong governance, poor community buy-in for the implementation of new rules, and resource conflicts often compound these problems.

In the last decade marine scientists, conservationists, policymakers, and stakeholders have come together, creating visions for a way forward 14,15, In some places, management action has led to the recovery of once decimated stocks There are new bans on plastic inputs to our oceans 20 , and an increasing focus on how managing for ocean resilience can combat stress and change 21, Marine reserves processes are becoming better understood, and reserves are being established at an increasing rate 23 , including the three largest reserves on the planet being created in 24 and 25, Working within and across political boundaries provide a means for oceans to continue to provide for the marine organisms as well as humans that rely on them 27, Finally, real progress is being made to change the course of climate change In order to continue this progress and make marine conservation a success story, we need a new generation of conservation scientists, resource managers, and policy makers.

Over an intensive 10 day period, the isMCS will cover concepts of evidence-based conservation science from population to ecosystem levels, including human dimensions, as well as topical issues in marine conservation.

From this students will develop some of the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to become effective players in the field of Marine Conservation Science. University of Primorska Login. Evaluating and ranking the vulnerability of global marine ecosystems to anthropogenic threats.

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Conservation Biology Proelss A, and Houghton K. A fisheries management system in crisis: The EU common fisheries policy. Current Biology DOI: Marine defaunation: Animal loss in the global ocean. Plastic litter in the sea.


Marine environmental research The economics of dead zones: Causes, impacts, policy challenges, and a model of the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine life: Publication patterns, new discoveries, and future directions in research and management. Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems. This course serves as a general introduction to the field of Marine Science, and the scope of materials to be covered by the Bachelor of Marine Science degree and the Marine Biology major of the BSc.

Elements of biological, physical and chemical oceanography and their applications to coastal management will be discussed, with the help of local as well as global examples.

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Credit points awarded. Study level. Student contribution band. Usually available Gold Coast Semester 2.

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