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Can you please send me PDF soft copy danishkhan85 gmail. Very useful information. Credits to EEP and the author i really appreciate. Excellent info. For a customized excel template that performs fault calculations, please feel free to email me at cnnb17 yahoo. Thanks clarity.. I love the way you simply the single line diagram..

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Pls send me file on Siemens substation and transmissions line protection. Very good. Thank you Edvard Csyani sir for your valuable lessons. EEP has been very helpful,especially for freshers like me who lacks practical experience.

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I look forward to more important articles. I was looking for that stuff, Well explained. This engineering portal is very helpful for beginner like me. Do you have anything that can help out to understand them? A comparison table would be great. Thanks very much for those information, its very helpful and informative. However, could you be able to send me a simple systematic drawing from point of generation to transmission and distribution please.

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  4. Sir, there is this component in a SLD i m given to read which contains a circle with MF written in it, what would that be? Please send me this file if possible. Kindly send me this complete article. My email address is: engrazam7 gmail. Premium Membership. More Information. Single line diagram SLD We usually depict the electrical distribution system by a graphic representation called a single line diagram SLD.

    The last piece of electrical equipment in the middle portion of the diagram is another circuit breaker b3.

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    This time, however, the circuit breaker is a fixed low voltage circuit breaker , as indicated by the symbol. On the right side of the third area there is another fixed circuit breaker connected to the bus. It is attached to a meter center , as indicated by the symbol formed by three circles. This indicates that the electric company is using these meters to keep track of power consumed by the equipment below the meter center.

    Line Drawings for Organic Molecules

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    Observer biases in the 3D interpretation of line drawings

    Professional in AutoCAD programming. Jim Aquino Aug 02, Can i get a copy please Sir, thank you very much. Terry Sanders Jul 08, Very thorough and informative, great job! Can you please send me PDF file to study?

    The Interpretation of Line Drawings with Contrast Failure and Shadows - Semantic Scholar

    Thank you. Can you please send me pdf copy. TIA :. Bangar Raju Mar 15, Charles Ngozi Emmanuel Mar 02, Moises M. Meca Mar 02, Please send my email dodihidayat81 yahoo. Freab demissie Aug 11, Please soft copy about SLD. Anil Paul Jacob Mar 01, Somtochukwu Mar 01, Vivek shaikh Mar 01, Aikins larbi kwabena Mar 01, Rahis Jan 25, Mike Betts Jan 24, Hi, can someone please tell me the meaning of the number 52 in the square of the drawout circuit breaker symbols on these single line diagrams. Edvard Jan 24, JR Dec 23, Good information I need to learn more about this.

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    Abu Kayonde Nov 27, Thank you for this insightful and educative information, kindly share with me the PDF. Lynn Nov 03, Super helpful, can you please share the pdf with me….. Abdul kashif Oct 08, Excellent explanation. Joshua Pacana Sep 25, JHON Aug 28, Tanveer Aug 25, Danish khan Jul 28, Godswill Samuel Benjamin Jul 03, Beryl Jun 03, Very informative,would appreciate it if this was sent to my email.

    C Boojum May 27, Isaac w Toe jr Apr 17, Anandadeb Chatterji Feb 01, Zeeshan Ali Dec 14, Akporotu Akpomedaye Oct 18, Shaukat Hussain Mar 31, Great blog!! Thomas Dats Mar 02, I will really appreciate your help. Muhammad Saad Feb 26, D Jan 25, I want Editable Electrical single diagram. Sara Jan 19, The best resource on SLD for beginners. Very lucid!!!! Muhammad Rafiq Dec 05, Varley, P. Interpreting line drawings of objects with K-vertices. Geometric Modeling and Processing : proceedings. As part of the goal of automatic creation of B-rep models of engineering objects from freehand sketches, we seek to take a single line drawing with hidden lines removed , and from it deduce an initial 3D geometric realisation of the visible part of the drawn object.

    Junction and line labels, and provisional depth coordinates, are key parts of this frontal geometry. Many methods for producing frontal geometry only work correctly for drawings of trihedral objects. However, nontrihedral k-vertices commonly occur in engineering objects. We analyse the performance of a line-labelling method applied to k-vertices, and show why methods ignoring geometric considerations are inadequate.

    We give a new approach which produces both junction labels and provisional depth coordinates without any prior knowledge.