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For the readers. Now in this book, the whole plot is around the characters the demon-mother named Mia, Susannah having a shared body with Mia who has taken control of her mind to fulfill her goals as a pregnant woman to give birth to the child and the Crimson King who is an ultimate threat to Susannah. The whole series being a fantasy and suspense, you can never think of leaving the story in the middle as it develops around how Susannah escapes and tries to get away from the danger of The Crimson King and Mia who wants to take her back to the Dixie Pig for giving birth to the child.

Though Susannah has got away from the magic doors in the dark tower, she is chased by the mend of the Crimson king to take her away. At the same time, Mia has got to deliver the child of Roland who also shares the history of having relation with both Mia-Susannah.

Song of Susannah

As the story rolls up Jake and the father Callahan start to plan their assault on Dixie pig to save Susannah from the Crimson King men as they find hope by finding the turtle scrimshaw. Though the dreadful feeling is still there with both of them. The story has been narrated by George Guidall and has given life to the characters and the story itself in an enchanting way.

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The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image Download Image. The pivotal sixth instalment in King's bestselling epic fantasy saga.

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But who is the father of her child And what role will the Crimson King play Roland sends Jake to break Susannah's date with destiny, while he himself uses 'the persistence of magic' to get to Maine in the Summer of More books by Stephen King. Left loading Discover more. IT Chapter 2 Trailer. Pet Sematary Movie Trailer 2.

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Pet Sematary Movie Trailer. The Outsider Trailer Stephen King. It continues the Dark Tower seamlessly from Wolves Of The Calla and the dramatic climax will leave readers desperate to read the quest's conclusion. Show menu Top novels. Historical Horror Humorous Mystery Romance. Home Song of Susannah.

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Read Song of Susannah online free. Author: Stephen King. Genres: Fantasy , Horror. Series: The Dark Tower 6. Song of Susannah. Top novels.

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