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Others reach back into childhood. Still others adopt the wry, mannered voice of English aristocracy. The result is an account of what is arguably Hemingway's most crucial formative period. Examining how Hemingway developed this inheritance, Lamb insightfully charts the evolution of the unique style and innovative techniques that would forever change the nature of short fiction. Art Matters opens with an analysis of the authorial effacement Hemingway learned from Maupassant and Chekhov, followed by fresh perspectives on the author's famous use of concision and omission.

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Redefining literary impressionism and expressionism as alternative modes for depicting modern consciousness, Lamb demonstrates how Hemingway and Willa Cather learned these techniques from Crane and made them the foundation of their respective aesthetics. After examining the development of Hemingway's art of focalization, he clarifies what Hemingway really learned from Stein and delineates their different uses of repetition. Turning from techniques to formal elements, Art Matters anatomizes Hemingway's story openings and endings, analyzes how he created an entirely unprecedented role for fictional dialogue, explores his methods of characterization, and categorizes his settings in the fifty-three stories that comprise his most important work in the genre.

In Translating Modernism Ronald Berman continues his career-long study of the ways that intellectual and philosophical ideas informed and transformed the work of America's major modernist writers. Here Berman shows how Fitzgerald and Hemingway wrestled with very specific intellectual, artistic, and psychological influences, influences particular to each writer, particular to the time in which they wrote, and which left distinctive marks on their entire oeuvres. Fool for Love is Scott Donaldson's masterful biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald--written from a fresh and highly intimate perspective.

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Fool for Love follows Fitzgerald from his birthplace in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Princeton and upward into the highest reaches of literary and public success--and ultimately to Fitzgerald's untimely death in Hollywood at the age of forty-four, broke and nearly forgotten. This engrossing, definitive study explores two classic Fitzgerald themes throughout--love and class--and the result is a striking portrayal of one of the twentieth century's greatest writers, whose legacy and influence only continue to grow. Bryer Editor Publication Date: This thought-provoking collection explores significant new facets of an American author of lasting international stature.

As the author of some of the most compelling short stories ever written, two of the central novels in American literature, and some of the most beautiful prose ever penned, F. Scott Fitzgerald is read and studied all over the world. Sixty-two years after his death, his works--protean, provocative, multilayered, and rich--continue to elicit spirited responses. This collection grew out of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference that convened in Princeton at the centennial of this author's birth.

Eliot T. The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the twentieth century's most famous poet and its most influential literary arbiter, T. Eliot has long been thought to be an obscure and difficult poet--forbiddingly learned, maddeningly enigmatic. Now, in this brilliant exploration of T.

Eliot's work, prize-winning poet Craig Raine reveals that, on the contrary, Eliot's poetry and drama and criticism can be seen as a unified and coherent body of work. Indeed, despite its manifest originality, its radical experimentation, and its dazzling formal variety, his verse yields meaning just as surely as other more conventional poetry. Raine argues that an implicit controlling theme--the buried life, or the failure of feeling--unfolds in surprisingly varied ways throughout Eliot's work. The Beautiful and Damned.

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